Detail overview Beechcraft F33A

PH-BNS   s/n: CE-955                       
07-07-1981   registered as PH-BNS to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 3145;
09-07-1987   emergency-landing near Bedum;
04-10-1991   registered to Coconut Air bv.;
-07-1992   modifications with tip-tanks;
19-06-1995   crashed at Eisenerz, Austria, witj one fatal injury;
30-05-1995   registration PH-BNS cancelled.
PH-BNT   s/n: CE-957                       
07-07-1981   registered as PH-BNT tot the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 3146;
05-09-1984   wheel-up landing at Eelde and damaged;
04-04-1991   registered to Coconut Air bv.;
22-11-1991   registration PH-BNT cancelled;
22-11-1991   registered as G-BTZA to MLP Aviation Ltd. (UK);
28-04-1992   registered to Harold Mendelssohn;
  still present and in flying condition.