Present aircraft at homebase Groningen Airport Eelde (EHGG)

 Diamond DA42  PH-KFA, PH-KFB, PH-KFC and PH-MFA (two on order)
 Socata TB-20  PH-MLK, PH-MLL, PH-MLY and PH-MLZ
 Diamond DA40  Twelve on order

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August 2023:
– On 23-08-2023 the KLM Flight Academy announced a order of twelve factory new Diamond DA40 aircraft and to extend the Diamond DA42 fleet with two aircraft. The DA40 will replace the complete Socota TB10/TB20 from 2024;
– Beechcraft F33C N249WH (previous PH-BNO) registered at 23-08-2023 to Whiskey Hotel LLC;
– Beechcraft F33C N249WL (previous PH-BWE) registered at 12-08-2023 to Société F33C, France.

June 2023:
– Reims/Cessna F150L, G-GFLY (previous PH-CES) is for sale.

March 2023
– Beechcraft A36AT N321DV (previous PH-BWA) registered at 29-03-2023 to Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee (owner Dietmar Frey). For sale
Beechcraft A36AT CN-LYY (previous PH-BWA) cancelled at 27-03-2023. Export to Germany. To become N321DV;                                                                    – Beechcraft A36AT N195FL (previous PH-BWG) registered at 22-03-2023 to Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee (owner Diego Prescenzo);
– Beechcraft 58 N521WS (previous PH-BYD) registered at 27-03-2023 to CMT Properties LLC;
– Beechcraft A36AT N4LC (previous PH-BWF) registered at 21-03-2023 to Perry Howard Corbett III.

January 2023
– Slingsby T67C G-CDHC (previous PH-SGC) registered at 30-01-2023 to Ray Shaun Stent.

Oktober 2022
– Diamand DA42 PH-KFC arrived factory new at the homebase at 14-10-2022;

September 2022
– Saab 91D PH-RLS (previous PH-RLY) for sale.

Note! September 22, 2021 – Bye Aerospace announced that KLM Flight Academy has completed purchase deposits for six all-electric eFlyer 2 and eight all-electric eFlyer 4 airplanes.

eFlyer 2