Present aircraft at homebase Groningen Airport Eelde (EHGG)

 Diamond DA42 NG  PH-KFA, PH-KFB, PH-KFC and PH-MFA
 Socata TB-20  PH-MLK, PH-MLL, PH-MLY and PH-MLZ

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February 2023
– Beechcraft F33C N249WH (previous PH-BNO) for sale–Bonanza-Model-33.html

January 2023
– Slingsby T67C G-CDHC (previous PH-SGC) sold and re-registered at 30-01-2023 to Ray Shaun Stent.

Oktober 2022
– Diamand DA42 PH-KFC arrived factory new at the homebase at 14-10-2022;
– Beechcraft F33C N249WL (previous PH-BNE) for sale

September 2022
– Slingsby T67C G-CDHC (pi PH-SGC) for sale (under offer);
– Saab 91D PH-RLS for sale

July 2022
– Beechcraft F33C G-COLA (previous PH-BNH). Stored since 2013 because of damaged engine. Repair started. Also re-registered to the same owner at 15-07-2022 as John Richard Clayton Spooner;

June 2022
– Beechcraft A36AT CN-LYY (previous PH-BWA) is sold and will go to Germany;
– Cessna 500 previous PH-CTG will be shipped to China to become a instruction airframe.

May 2022
– Socata TB-20 PH-MLL back in service after a intensive 10.000 hours inspection

April 2022
– Beechcraft A36AT N4LC (previous PH-BWF), registered 20-04-2022 to Reggie Spain Homes LLC;
– Slingsby G-BYYG (previous PH-SGI) registered at 22-04-2022 to Joe William Mason, Trustee of: RAF Marham Aero Club;
– Saab 91D PH-RLS (previous PH-RLY) registered at 01-04-2022 to E.A. Bouwman. Based at Hilversum.

February 2022
– Reims/Cessna 152-II PH-CBB became re-registered again to same owner at 15-02-2022 after 13 years of storage and engine repair.