Detail overview Beechcraft F33C

PH-BNA   s/n: CJ-130                    
  previous N23767 of Beechcraft for aerobatic type-certification tests;
06-10-1978   registered as PH-BNA to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2580;
24-03-1981   bird-hit in landing at Eelde;
06-03-1991   registration PH-BNA cancelled;
18-03-1991   registered as G-BTHW to MLP Aviation Ltd. (UK);
01-07-1991   registered to Robin Lance Aviation Associates Ltd.;
24-05-2011   registration G-BTHW cancelled;
25-05-2011   registered as N447NA to Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc. Trustee;
-2022   sold to High Aviation Ltd.;
  still present and in flying condition.
PH-BNB   s/n: CJ-131                    
27-12-1977   registered as PH-BNB to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2581;
-06-1980   damaged wings;
01-10-1981   wheel-up landing at Midden-Zeeland;
12-04-1988   crashed in lake IJsselmeer and two fatal injuries;
17-05-1988   registration PH-BNB cancelled.
PH-BNC   s/n: CJ-132                    
27-12-1977   registered as PH-BNC to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2582;
17-07-1991   registration PH-BNC cancelled.
01-08-1991   registered as G-BTSK to Richard N. Goode (UK);
04-08-1993   registered to Jack A. Hart;
08-09-1995   registered to Jetwings;
29-05-1997   registration G-BTSK cancelled;
17-06-1997   registered as N249A to Flight Enterprises Inc. (USA);
25-06-1998   registered to Henderson Holdings Inc.;
30-03-2000   registered to American Luxaire Inc.;
12-10-2000   registered to Robert R. Robinson;
15-05-2001   registered to Veridian Engeneering;
16-03-2005   registered to Calspan Corp.;
13-03-2017   registered to Ben Morphew;
22-05-2018   registered to Sky West Aviation Inc. Trustee;
       still present and in flying condition.
PH-BND   s/n: CJ-133                    
27-12-1977   registered as PH-BND to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2583;
22-02-1983   came in a mid-air slipstream of a “Luftwaffe F4 “Phanton” and became construction damage;
17-01-1986   forced-landing at Eelde and damaged;
17-07-1991   registration PH-BND cancelled;
31-07-1991   registered as G-BTTF to MLP Aviation Ltd. (UK);
02-09-1991   re-registered as G-OAHC to A.H. Clark and sons;
24-08-1992   registered to Clacton Aero Club (1998) Ltd.;
08-07-1997   registered to Victor D. Speck;
30-01-2007   registered to Cirrus Aviation Ltd.;
 30-09-2019   registered to Avalon Ventures Ltd.;
27-07-2020   registered to S1 Aviation Services Ltd.;
  still present and in flying condition.
PH-BNE   s/n: CJ-134                    
  previous N24138 of Beechcraft for aerobatic type-certification tests ;
06-10-1978   registered as PH-BNE to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2589;
19-06-1989   flat-tire in landing at Eelde;
04-07-1990   flat-tire in landing at Eelde;
17-07-1991   registration PH-BNE cancelled;
06-08-1991   registered as G-BTTH to MLP Aviation Ltd. (UK);
25-09-1991   registered to Nigel K. Meek;
19-08-1994   registered to Bonanza Flying Club Ltd.;
17-09-1997   registration G-BTTH cancelled.
24-09-1997   registered as N249WL to Flight Enterprises Inc. (USA);
23-06-1999   registered to Samuel V. Henry;
14-09-2006   registered to Flight Enterprises Inc.
07-12-2015   registered to Michael Warren Brown.
       still present and in flying condition.
PH-BNF   s/n: CJ-135                    
20-01-1978   registered as PH-BNF to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2590;
27-03-1980   wheel-up landing at Eelde and damaged;
09-08-1989   emergency-landing at Eelde;
27-02-1991   registration PH-BNF cancelled;
27-02-1991   registered as G-BTFN to MLP Aviation Ltd. (UK);
13-06-1991   registered to Robert Hinson Design and Creative Communications Ltd.;
24-02-1997   registration G-BTFN cancelled;
03-03-1997   registered as N249SL to Flight Enterprises Inc. (USA);
13-11-1997   registered to William R. Vance;
04-03-2004   registered to Woody Lesikar;
09-06-2006   registered to International Flight Training Academy Inc.;
30-10-2006   registration changed into N833AB;
21-05-2014   registered to ANA Trading Corp. U S A;
13-11-2014   registered to West Houston Airport Corp.;
03-03-2015   registered to Deborah Gary;
17-03-2020   registered as N533C to Eagle Flying Museum Inc. (owner Scott Perdue)
25-02-2021   re-registered to 71SQ Inc. (same owner)
  still present and in flying condition.
PH-BNG   s/n: CJ-136                    
16-01-1978   registered as PH-BNG to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2591;
02-07-1991   registration PH-BNG cancelled;
03-07-1991   registered as G-VICM to Charles W. Michie Ltd. (UK);
21-04-1998   registered to Velocity Engineering Ltd.;
09-08-2018   registered to Brice Albert Ohayon;
07-02-2019   registration G-VICM cancelled..
 01-08-2019   registered as F-GSCM to Brice Ohayon (France);
  still present and in flying condition.
PH-BNH   s/n: CJ-137                  
20-01-1978   registered as PH-BNH to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2610;
28-06-1990   flat-tire in landing at Eelde;
05-07-1991   forced though-and-go at Hoogeveen and damaged;
28-01-1992   registration PH-BNH cancelled;
28-01-1992   registered as G-BUAZ to MLP Aviations Ltd. (UK);
31-03-1992   registered as G-COLA to John Bradley & Barry Ltd. and John A. Kelman;
10-03-1997   registered to Cola Aviation Ltd. and John A. Kelman;
24-12-2001   registered to John R.C. Spooner and Peter M. Scarratt;
28-05-2010   registered to John R.C. Spooner;
24-06-2011   registered to Airport Direction Ltd. (same owner);
15-07-2022   registered to John Richard Clayton Spooner;
  still present and in flying condition.
PH-BNI   s/n: CJ-138                    
16-01-1978   registered as PH-BNI to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2611;
10-05-1990   crashed near Aduarderzijl with three fatal injuries;
30-05-1990   registration PH-BNI cancelled.
PH-BNJ   s/n: CJ-139                    
25-01-1978   registered as PH-BNJ to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2612;
09-09-1991   registration PH-BNJ cancelled;
27-09-1991   registered as N669KM to Aero Services Corp. (USA);
27-11-2001   registered to Heliflight Leasing Inc.;
07-02-2006   registered to Aviation Consultants Inc.
  still present and in flying condition.
PH-BNK   s/n: CJ-140                   
25-01-1978   registered as PH-BNK to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2616;
29-08-1989   force-landing at Eelde and damaged; 
17-09-1991   registered to Coconut Air bv.;
09-09-1992   registered to J.C.H.M. Tuijp;
18-06-1993   registered to Aerotuijp bv.;
31-05-2011   registered to A.F.W. van Gils;
  still present and in flying condition.
PH-BNL   s/n: CJ-141                    
25-01-1978   registered as PH-BNL to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2617;
08-11-1982   emergency-landing near Thesinge and damaged;
02-07-1991   registration PH-BNL cancelled;
03-07-1991   registered as G-UNST to MLP Aviation Ltd. (UK);
29-09-1991   registered to Ioan G. Meredith;
20-07-1993   crashed near Ashford with one fatal injury;
04-08-1993   registration G-UNST cancelled.
PH-BNM   s/n: CJ-145                    
05-04-1978   registered as PH-BNM to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2653;
05-11-1980   emergency-landing at Eelde;
26-11-1986   emergency-landing near Rasquert and damaged;
09-09-1991   registration PH-BNM cancelled;
16-09-1991   registered as G-CCON to Charles C. Blakey (UK);
04-11-1991   registered to MLP Aviation Ltd.;
27-11-1991   registered to Peter J. Withinshaw (UK);
13-07-1998   registered as G-CGON to Aces High;
04-10-1999   registration G-CGON cancelled;
08-10-1999   registered as N133DA to Hartford Holding Corp. (USA);
19-07-2000   registered to West Houston Aero Club;
20-08-2001   crashed at Sugarland and written off;
-2003   to White Industries Inc. for spare-parts. Plate with constructionnumber removed;
15-02-2007   registration N133DA cancelled.
PH-BNN   s/n: CJ-146                    
05-04-1978   registered as PH-BNN to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2654;
18-05-1978   crashed after take-off from Gander, New Foundland (CA) and written off;
15-11-1978   registration PH-BNN cancelled.
PH-BNO   s/n: CJ-147                   
05-04-1978   registered as PH-BNO to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2655;
06-03-1991   registration PH-BNO cancelled;
03-04-1991   registered as G-BTJI to MLP Aviations Ltd. (UK);
19-08-1991   registered to Neil Brown Engineering Ltd.;
19-12-1995   registered to MLP Aviations Ltd.;
22-12-1995   registration G-BTJI cancelled;
26-12-1995   registered as N249WH to Flight Enterprises Inc. (USA);
19-09-1996   registered to William M. DeArman;
17-07-1997   registered to Flight Enterprises Inc.;
11-06-1998   registered to Vladimir Katic;
01-04-1999   registered to Flight Enterprises Inc.;
25-08-1999   registered to Litz Aviation LLC.;
30-07-2002   registered to Willis G. Hix jr. Trustee;
21-01-2003   registered to J N V Inc.;
14-06-2012   registered to Ralph H. Leeder Trustee and Patricia L. Leeder Trustee;
04-04-2013   registered to Advanced Air Inc.;
07-03-2017   registered to Milo Beery dba.;
06-04-2023   registered to R&J Aviation LLC;
  still present and in flying condition.
PH-BNP   s/n: CJ-148                    
05-04-1978   registered as PH-BNP to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2656;
06-01-1976   emergency-landing at Eelde;
29-11-1988   emergency-landing near Bedum and written-off;
13-02-1989   registration PH-BNP cancelled;
11-09-1990   fuselage as instruction-airframe to University at Delft;
-2010   scrapped and only the wings are present.
PH-BNR   s/n: CJ-149                    
21-02-1979   registered as PH-BNR to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2801;
23-04-1987   crashed at Eelde and written-off;
17-06-1987   registration PH-BNR cancelled;
-1988   fuselage modification as a ground-school cockpit-trainer;
-1996   sold and scrapped.