Detail overview Cessna 500

PH-CTA   s/n: 500-0088                   
31-08-1973   registered as PH-CTA to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2057;
26-10-1976   emergency-landing at Eelde;
30-09-1987   registration PH-CTA cancelled;
01-10-1987   registered as G-HOLL to Albion Aviation (UK);
16-05-1989   registered to Goldfeder Aviation;
30-01-1990   registration G-HOLL cancelled;
08-02-1990   registered again as PH-CTA to Dynamic Air bv. CofR no: 4038;
12-03-1990   registered to Dynamic Air bv. and Svenska Finans Nederland;
04-04-1995   registered to Dynamic Air bv.;
27-03-1998   registration PH-CTA cancelled;
06-04-1998   registered as N170MD to Power Aviation (USA);
09-11-1999   registered to Penn Warranty Corp.;
15-06-2000   registered to Gibraltar Aviation Ltd.;
13-11-2000   registered to Jet Systems LLC.;
17-06-2001   registered to JODA LLC.;
19-10-2001   registered to N170MD CO LLC.;
17-03-2004   registered to Barnett Investement Inc.;
27-08-2004   registered to Spring Creek LLC.;
19-05-2005   registered to Nolan Aviation LLC.;
12-02-2006   registered to DD251LLC;
10-05-2007   registration N251DD is reserved;
-09-2007   re-registered to N251DD;
08-05-2013   registered to Bella Fly Marine Inc.;
09-10-2014   registration N251DD cancelled. 
-2014   registered as YV561T (Venezuela);
  re-registered as YV3059;
  still present and in flying condition in Venezuela.
PH-CTB   s/n: 500-0093                   
28-09-1973   registered as PH-CTB to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2063;
14-11-1974   emergency-landing at Eelde;
09-07-1987   registration PH-CTB cancelled;
30-09-1987   registered as OO-FBY to Hawa Air (Belgium);
02-03-1989   registration OO-FBY cancelled;
10-03-1989   registered as N116SW to Southern Wings Aircraft Sales (USA);
19-05-1989   registration N116SW cancelled;
22-05-1989   registered as G-OXEC to European Executive Ltd. (UK);
11-09-1990   registered to IF Aviation Ltd.;
22-05-1991   registered to R and M Int. Helicopters Ltd.;
23-07-1991   registered as G-OCPI to R and M Int. helicopters Ltd.;
28-08-1991   registered to Cooling Power Industries Ltd.;
16-08-1995   registered to Cooling Power Industries Ltd. and Stadium City Ltd.;
19-02-1996   registered to Stadium City Ltd.;
10-09-1997   registration G-OCPI cancelled;
15-09-1997   registered as N62BR to AvJet Corp. (USA);
03-11-1999   registered to Zephyr LLC.;
05-01-2007   registered to RA Air Inc.;
22-04-2008   registration cancelled as exported to Venezuela;
23-04-2008   registered as YV317T (Venezuela);
19-10-2010   registration YV317T cancelled. Export to the USA;
25-08-2017   sold in auction at Miami-Kendall. Parted out for parts
       -08-2017   sold to Dodson International Parts Inc. / Ratoul KS, USA
PH-CTC   s/n: 500-0098                   
26-10-1973   registered as PH-CTC to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2069;
24-08-1987   registration PH-CTC cancelled;
04-09-1987   registered as G-BNVY to Aces High (UK);
07-09-1987   registered to Gill Aviation;
24-11-1988   registration G-BNVY cancelled;
24-11-1988   registered again as PH-CTC to Dynamic Air bv. CofR no: 3859
02-10-1998   registration PH-CTC cancelled;
06-10-1998   registered as N500GR to GJR Leasing Inc (USA).
10-09-2008   registered to White Industries Inc. (aircraft salvage company)
06-11-2008   re-registered as N500GB.
-2012   withdrawn from use and parted out for parts at Bates City
31-05-2015   CofR expired.
20-02-2018   registration N500GB cancelled.
  still present and broken up at Bates City MO, USA
PH-CTD   s/n: 500-0157                   
30-04-1974   registered as PH-CTD to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2135;
28-08-1991   registered to KLM Luchtvaartschool bv.
15-06-1994   registered to Uniwest Air bv.;
01-05-1997   registration PH-CTD cancelled;
02-05-1997   registered as N190AB to ECA Inc. (USA);
19-08-1997   registration N190AB cancelled;
28-08-1997   registered as CS-DCA to Initiative SA and in operation with Air Luxor (Portugal);
17-12-1999   registration CS-DCA cancelled;
09-05-2000   registered as EC-HFY to Iniciative SA and in operation with Gestair SA (Spain);
18-09-2000   registration EC-HFY cancelled;
21-11-2000   registered as EC-HPQ to Banco Pastor;
  leased to Transporte Aereo del Noroeste SA and sub-leasded to Gestair SA;
31-01-2002   sold to Trasporte Aereo del Noroeste SA;
08-02-2002   sold to Corporacion voz De Galicia SA;
07-03-2002   sold to Gestair SA;
26-07-2002   leased to Audeli SA;
18-08-2006   sold to Alisios Express SA;
25-10-2006   leased to Aerotaxi Los Valles SL;
12-02-2008   leased to Rivaflecha SL (BKS Air);
-2014   grounded
  sold to ATS Aviation SA;
-02-2021   registration EC-HPQ cancelled;
  still stored at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid, Spain. For sale.
PH-CTE   s/n: 500-0167                   
24-06-1974   registered as PH-CTE to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2161;
28-08-1991   registered to KLM Luchtvaartschool bv.;
08-05-1995   registered to Uniwest Air bv.;
01-05-1997   registration PH-CTE cancelled;
02-05-1997   registered as N191AB to Gibraltar Aviation Ltd. (USA);
16-12-1997   registered as N246RR to Producers Pipeline Corp.;
1998-1999   leased to Tunisavia;
02-10-2002   registered as N801KT to Producers Pipeline Corp.
13-02-2004   registered to Dove Air Inc.;
29-07-2004   registered to Rolanben Air Corp.;
29-09-2004   registration N801KT cancelled;
-10-2004   registered as YV-2821P to Seven Clouds sa (owner mr. Romula Lader) (Venezuela);
08-08-2006   re-registered as YV1432 with Seven Clouds sa;
04-05-2009   registered to Tracto America;
-2020   re-registered as YVO204 Venezuela Government;
  still present and in flying condition in Venezuela.
PH-CTF   s/n: 500-0177                   
15-08-1974   registered as PH-CTF to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2181;
28-08-1991   registered to KLM Luchtvaartschool;
08-05-1995   registered to Uniwest Air bv.;
01-05-1997   registration PH-CTF cancelled;
02-05-1997   registered as N192AB to Gilbraltar Aviation Ltd. (USA);
23-12-1997   registered to Cedar Enterprises Inc.;
09-02-1998   re-registered as N888XL;
20-04-2000   re-registered as N883XL;
30-10-2003   registered to Diamondaire LL
27-09-2005   re-registered as N431LC;
17-05-2006   registered to Cimarron Aviation LLC.;
30-09-2011   CofR expired;
27-07-2012   re-registered to Cimarron Aviation LLC.;
31-07-2015   CofR expired;
11-04-2016   re-registered to Cimarron Aviation LLC.;
      30-04-2019   CofR expired;
      27-06-2019   re-registered to Cimarron Aviation LLC.;
23-06-2020   registered to Alan Araujo;
-02-2022   stored Dominican Republic and confiscated by a attorney general
PH-CTG   s/n: 500-0234                  
26-03-1975   registered as PH-CTG to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 2253;
-1980   modifications for caliberation-activities for Dutch Government;
03-01-1984   fire in electric-system and damaged;
28-08-1991   registered to KLM Luchtvaartschool bv.;
19-02-1997   registration PH-CTG cancelled;
02-04-1997   registered as N70CA to ABI LLC. (USA);
18-03-2003   registered to Rance King Properties;
19-02-2004   registered to GHS Leasing Co.;
04-04-2005   registered to Aero Sales Inc.;
30-06-2011   CofR expired;
16-09-2011   re-registered to Aero Sales Inc.;
30-09-2014   CofR expired;
08-01-2018   registration N70CA cancelled;
-06-2022   sold to Beijing Changping Vocational School, China, as instruction airframe;
 -07-2022   shipped to China;
8-10-2022   registered again to Jenani Industries LLC;
08-11-2022   registration N70CA cancelled as export to China;
  still present as a instruction airframe.