Detail overview Douglas C47

  s/n: 12083                       type: C-47a-1-DK
    previous 42-92298 of the USAAF;
    previous FZ-549 of the RAF;
    previous PH-TDV of the KLM;
27-09-1950   registered as PH-UEV to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 274;
09-10-1950   ferry-flight from Schiphol-Amsterdam to homebase Gilze-Rijen;
30-06-1953   registered as PH-TDV again to KLM. CofR no: 337;
05-05-1954   re-registered into PH-DAV;
25-06-1962   registration PH-DAV cancelled;
07-07-1962   registered as I-TAVE to Itavia (Italia);
07-07-1964   registration I-TAVE cancelled;
-07-1964   sold to Handley-Page (UK);
26-08-1964   registered as CX-BDA to Pluma (Uruquay);
-1965   withdrawn from use and stored;
03-12-1969   registration CX-BDA cancelled;
-1972   scrapped.