Detail overview Fokker S.11

PH-UET   s/n: 6198                   
09-06-1950   registered as PH-UET to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 260;
13-04-1953   collision on the ground with PH-UDB at Teuge and damaged;
25-08-1953   damaged in landing;
01-08-1960   registered to J.C. Pilaar;
14-08-1964   damaged at Eelde;
 17-09-1964   registration PH-UET cancelled;
08-10-1964   registered as OO-TIM to Timmermans (Belgium);
15-01-1969   registration OO-TIM cancelled;
27-10-1969   re-registered as PH-UET to Honcoop. CofR no: 1548;
26-12-1972   damaged in landing and written off;
30-01-1973   registration PH-UET cancelled;
-1973   sold to Post;
-1974   sold to Faber and restored into eye-catcher;
-04-1983   sold to Pars Productions;
21-06-1983   to Dutch National Museum with fake Dutch militairy color-scheme and coded E-42;
-03-1992   on loan as eye-catcher to Hoofddorp;
-03-1995   on loan as eye-catcher to Abbenes; 
-1996   storage with the National Museum at Badhoeverdorp;
-1999   sold to Aeropark;
-04-2001   sold to Richard van As;
-01-2012   sold to DETO Jeans;
  still present as eye-catcher in the jeansshop.
PH-UEU (1)   s/n: 6190
  previous PH-NDX of Fokker;
09-06-1950   registered as PH-UEU to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 261;
17-07-1950   registered as PH-NED to Fokker, CofR no: 268;
13-05-1953   emergency-landing;
21-07-1954   emegency-landing near Nassandres (France);
18-08-1958   emergency-landing near Borger (Germany);
31-12-1959   registered to Kennemer Zweefvliegclub;
11-07-1961   registered to G. Visser;
20-10-1964   registered to Honcoop and Verschoor;
29-10-1965   emergency-landing near Seppe;
-1967   emergency-landing near Veen;
19-09-1968   distroyed in hangar-fire at Seppe and written off;
04-12-1968   registration PH-NED cancelled.
PH-UEU (2)   s/n: 6194
  previous PH-NED of Fokker;
17-07-1950   registered as PH-UEU to the Rijksluchtvaartschool. CofR no: 267;
15-06-1956   crashed in a flick-roll take-off at Hilversum and written off;
01-10-1956   registration PH-UEU cancelled;
-1956   fuselage as instruction airframe to Delft;
-1991   fuselage as display-object to National Museum at Schiphol;
-2003   fuselage moved to new National Museum at Lelystad;
  stil present and stored.