Morane-Saulnier MS.760B “Paris Jet”


Period of operation:  1962 – 1974 Total: 7  To photo gallery To aircraft details
 CofR:  Serial:  Previous ID:  ID after sale:  Current status:
PH-MSR 102 F-BJZQ N760E, HB-VEU, N99HB, N20DA Stored in USA
PH-MSS 103 F-BJZR N760N, YV-162CP, N760T Restoration Australia
PH-MST 104 F-BJZS N760P, N760R Stored in USA
PH-MSU 105 F-BJZT N760Q, F-BXQL Stored in USA
PH-MSV 106 F-BJZU N5878 Static display USA
PH-MSW 107 F-BJZV N5979 Stored in USA
PH-MSX 108 F-BJZX N760AR Restoration Australia