Reims/Cessna F150L


Period of operation: 1972 – 1980 Total: 8 To photo gallery To aircraft details
 CofR:  Serial:  Previous ID:  ID after sale:  Current status:
PH-CES F15000822 G-GFLY Flying in England
PH-CET F15000823 G-HFCI Crashed 08-07-2007. (2 fatal)
PH-CEU F15000824 G-PAGE, CS-AVI Crashed 23-10-2004
PH-CEV F15000825 G-YKIV Crashed 08-06-1983. (1 fatal)
PH-CEW F15000826 G-BIFT, G-FINA Flying in  England
PH-CEX F15000827 G-YIII Crashed 14-06-2014. (2 fatal)
PH-CEY F15000828 CS-ASV Crashed 13-04-1992. (1 fatal)
PH-CEZ F15000829 G-BIFY Flying in England