Reims/Cessna F152-II


Period of operation: 1980 – 1992 Total: 8 To photo gallery To aircraft details
 CofR:  Serial:  Previous ID:  ID after sale:  Current status:
PH-CBA F15201777 Crashed 13-06-1998
PH-CBB F15201782 Flying in Netherlands
PH-CBC F15201787 D-EMSJ Flying in Germany
PH-CBD F15201791 I-CNTO Flying in Italy
PH-CBE F15201795 D-EMSG, OO-HVG, F-GEMS Crashed 21-10-2018
PH-CBF F15201799 F-HFPM Flying in France
PH-CBG F15201703 Flying in Danmark
PH-CBH F15201708 D-EMSQ, OE-CFL Flying in Austria