Beechcraft D18S


Period of operation: 1946 – 1969 Total: 15       To photo gallery To aircraft details
 CofR:  Serial:  Previous ID:  ID after sale:  Current status:
PH-UBR A-102 NL-502 Scrapped 1968
PH-UBS A-103 NL-503 Crashed 13-11-1947
PH-UBT A-104 NL-504 Scrapped 1965
PH-UBU A-108 NL-508 Scrapped 1968
PH-UBV A-106 NL-506 Crashed 16-01-1947. (2 fatal)
PH-UBW A-107 NL-507 Crashed 30-12-1961. (4 fatal)
PH-UBX A-105 NL-505 Static display Netherlands
PH-UBY A-101 NL-501 Static display Germany
PH-UDH A-384 Scrapped 1973
PH-UDI A-426 Crashed 26-04-1949. (5 fatal)
PH-UDR A-470 Scrapped 1968
PH-UDS A-471 N9472, D-INOL Scrapped 1984
PH-UDT A-472 Static display Netherlands
PH-UDU A-473 N9473 Scrapped 1993
PH-UES A-532 N9474 Scrapped 1974