Cessna 500 “Citation”


Period of operation:   1972 – 1995 Total:  7 To photo gallery To aircraft details
 CofR:  Serial:  Previous ID:  ID after sale:  Current status:
PH-CTA 500-0088 G-HOLL, PH-CTA, N170MD, N251DD, YV561T, YV3059 Flying in Venezuela
PH-CTB 500-0093 OO-FBY, N116SW, G-OXEC, N62BR, YV317T Dismantled for parts, USA
PH-CTC 500-0098 G-BNVY, PH-CTC, N500GR, N500GB Dismantled for parts, USA
PH-CTD 500-0157 N190AB, CS-DCA, EC-HFY, EC-HPQ Stored in Spain
PH-CTE 500-0167 N191AB, N246RR, N801KT, YV-2821P, YV1432, YVO204 Flying in Venezuela
PH-CTF 500-0177 N192AB, N888XL, N883XL, N431LC Stored Dominican Republic
PH-CTG 500-0234 N70CA Instruction airframe China