Beechcraft F33C “Bonanza”


Period of operation:   1978 – 1991 Total: 17   To photo gallery  To aircraft details
 CofR:  Serial:  Previous ID:  ID after sale:  Current status:
PH-BNA CJ-130 N23767 G-BTHW, N447NA Flying in England
PH-BNB CJ-131 Crashed 12-04-1988. (2 fatal)
PH-BNC CJ-132 G-BTSK, N249A Flying in Germany
PH-BND CJ-133 G-BTTF, G-OAHC Flying in England
PH-BNE CJ-134 N24138 G-BTTH, N249WL Flying in France
PH-BNF CJ-135 G-BTFN, N249SL, N833AB, N533C Flying in USA
PH-BNG CJ-136 G-VICM, F-GSCM Flying in France
PH-BNH CJ-137 G-BUAZ, G-COLA Repair in England
PH-BNI CJ-138 Crashed 10-05-1990. (3 fatal)
PH-BNJ CJ-139  N669KM Flying in USA
PH-BNK CJ-140 Flying in Netherlands
PH-BNL CJ-141 G-UNST Crashed 20-07-1993. (1 fatal)
PH-BNM CJ-145 G-CCON, G-CGON, N133DA Crashed 20-08-2001
PH-BNN CJ-146 Crashed 18-05-1978
PH-BNO CJ-147 G-BTJI, N249WH Flying in USA
PH-BNP CJ-148 Crashed 29-11-1988
PH-BNR CJ-149 Crashed 23-04-1987